Every morning something new. If you don’t keep up with the trends, there is a risk of being left as an example in the “How to do unnecessarily” section. So, let’s consider what changes are happening in the field of HR and how to keep up with them.
In a world where everyone has a gadget in their pocket that has over 100,000 times the processing power of the computer that landed the man on the Moon, trends change faster than the same gadget’s battery runs out. If you do not keep up with these trends, there is a risk of being left as an example in some future business book under the heading “Common mistakes”.

So, let’s consider what changes are happening in the field of HR and discuss how to keep up with them.

Analytical approach

It is no longer possible to allow yourself to make decisions based only on experience (even if you have many years of it) and a hunch. The digital world has won and we must use clear data and analytics to develop ourselves and plan the company’s employee strategy.

For this, each HRM system has key indicators that can be used to monitor the progress of the team and each employee individually.

Forget about the business tone

The IT industry has long since started moving from a formal tone of communication to a more human one. On the company’s website, in job descriptions, and especially in communication with employees, it is not necessary to play the role of a huge faceless corporation.

Many companies have already moved away from the formal tone and replaced “requirements” and “responsibilities” with “what we expect” and “what you will do” in job descriptions. New candidates and current employees don’t want to read or listen to legal documents, where something meaningful can be found through the thicket of formal expressions and wording. You need to convey your thoughts in a simple and friendly manner. Without unnecessary bows.

Openness and transparency

Provide as much information as possible about the company to new candidates. Projects, goals, team… All this attracts specialists to your team, because they clearly see what they are signing up for.

Photos from the life of the office, the company’s video blog will immerse a potential newcomer as much as possible in your atmosphere and even have a positive effect on the adaptation process after starting work.

Trust the employees

Companies have already responded to the remote work trend, and most have adapted to it by using performance-tracking tools. However, this often results in de-energized employees, burnout, and strained employer-team relations. When transitioning to an employee-oriented corporate culture, it is important to immediately build trust with the team and show that you are open to dialogue.

Digitization is also indispensable here. The HRIS system will allow you to keep all communication in one place, and establish communication in the team and its transparency.

Project time management. This is one of the main alternatives to constant monitoring of employees. They can be suggested to clearly demarcate project time frames and deadlines for a better understanding of the policy of non-interference while maintaining high efficiency.

Caring about the team

Yes, the company should support employees not only with a friendly tone, but also with actions.


  • Full or partial medical insurance; discounts on insurance for family members
  • Dental treatment
  • Reimbursement of Covid tests
  • Gym compensation (full or partial)


  • Payment for external education
  • Foreign language courses
  • Mentoring


  • Corporate weekends
  • Team building and entertainment activities
  • Happy hours

Demand for truth

Some companies embellish their image too much and try to show themselves from a side that sometimes doesn’t even exist. “Super friendly team”, “99.9% of successful cases” and other success-praising expressions only create an Instagram reality from which a new employee will have to fall out on the very first day of work.

Patrick Bateman had such an ideal image from the famous movie. But we all know very well what was hidden behind this slick facade.

Write only the truth. In today’s world, people sense exaggeration rather quickly and have already learned under what corporate phrases problems are masked. Focus on your company’s strengths and why you’re actually worth working with

In the end

The conclusion can be made that the scales of the labor market have tilted in the direction of the workers. And for the success of the company, more than ever, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for them. Conduct quality onboarding, adjust corporate policy, and keep up with industry trends.

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