Search and find: from their own experience, the recruiting company Bisseti highlighted the mistakes that most prevent candidates from finding their dream job, and also told how to avoid them.
Search and find: from the own experience of the recruiting company Bisseti, they identified the mistakes that most prevent candidates from finding their dream job.

Poor resume presentation

An uninformative, boring body of text is a very common mistake. Do not think that the more you tell about yourself, the more you will interest the recruiter. The more it is written, the more likely it is that it will not even be read.

Mistakes in your resume will also make you seem like a careless person who doesn’t even think it’s necessary to put in the effort to find a job.

Send resume from corporate mail

First, you are placed at the main place of work. Secondly, you demonstrate that you are using the company’s resources for your own purposes.

Lack of understanding of the labor market

Before looking for a job, you should find out the average expectations from the candidate, a typical list of duties, and the median salary. At Bisseti, we always start the recruiting process with such research and recommend the same algorithm for candidates.

It is important to be able to present yourself favorably, to reveal your skills and personal qualities.

Do not include a cover letter

A cover letter has already become a rule of good tone when looking for a job, as well as an excellent tool to attract the attention of a recruiter. The main thing is not to duplicate what is already written in the resume.

Do not prepare for the interview

Your strengths and weaknesses, career expectations, priorities in motivation, principled positions are quite typical questions that almost all recruiters ask all candidates. If you get confused when answering them, you will show yourself as a person who does not understand anything about himself and has no purpose.

Talk negatively about a former employer

If a recruiter asks why you quit, never say how greedy your previous company was, or mismanagement, or how you were underappreciated, or whatever. This is a very alarming bell, which they will pay attention to and conclude that later you will start spreading negativity about them as well.

Talk about the internal processes of the former company

Sometimes it is a provocation, and sometimes it is a desire to learn the “inner kitchen” of competitors. In any case, it does not add points to you and shows you as an unreliable person who cannot be trusted with trade secrets.

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