What positions do we close?

    .NET, Android, Big Data, Blockchain, C, DevOps, Flutter, Front/Back End, iOS, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, QA, React and others
    Non-tech in IT
    Product, Project management, Billing, Finance, Data Analytics, Scrum, Monetization, Payment
    C-level and management
    CMO, CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, Team Lead, Tech Lead, Arhitect
    Digital marketing, Marketing, PPC, PR, Affiliate, Sales, Business Development, Media Buying, SMM and Traffic

    We go above and beyond the bare minimum thanks to the team’s expertise in Human Resources, Talent sourcing, and business consulting

    filled job openings in Ukraine, Europe, USA
    candidate guarantee
    formed full-fledged teams on a tight schedule
    savings on your recruiting budget
    years of experience in IT recruiting
    of candidates pass the probationary period

    Team Bisseti

    Tetyana Tarasyuk is the founder and owner of the recruiting agency Bisseti

    10+ years of experience in IT recruiting in Ukraine, the USA, Europe — the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic
    Senior IT recruiter with experience in internal recruiting, HR
    Gathered teams in a short period of time (from 2 weeks to 2 months), integrated specialists into teams
    In 6 months, increased the X6 teams (from 15 to 90 employees) and their working time in the X2 company (from six months to a year)
    Mariia Tomaeva
    IT Recruiter
    Sofiia Basii
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Andrii Vankhadlo
    Business Development Manager
    Radion Ludchenko
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Executive Search

    We hire C-Level candidates, team leaders and managers who successfully achieve business goals



    Full cycle recruiting

    We analyze business needs and find the right candidate or a turnkey team that will bring maximum impact



    Recruitment/HR department from scratch

    We conduct process audits and create an internal non-tech or IT recruiting team or HR department to meet the needs of the company



    Recruitment for Startups

    We provide a full recruiting cycle and form teams, taking into account the specific hiring process in startups



    HR Consulting

    We help to set up recruiting and Human Resources processes, develop EVP and motivation systems




    We find relevant talent for your job opening, leaving interviewing and onboarding to you


    They talk about us

    A designer with excellent soft and hard skills in a week

    The main advantage of working with Bisseti is that they show only relevant candidates. Yes, of course, this can be achieved only after a brief and many questions from recruiters, but the result is definitely worth it — we have never found a designer with great soft and hard skills in a week.

    We increased the team by 50 professionals who are passionate about their work

    2022 was a real crash test for us, but with Bisseti it was much easier to successfully pass it. Thanks to the help of the team, we were able to build a system of motivation and adaptation from scratch, set up recruiting processes, and most importantly, increase the team by 50 professionals who are passionate about their work.

    Set up a team of 5 people in 2 weeks

    Bisseti impresses not with promises, but with results: the setup of a team of 5 people in 2 weeks, and this in the field of blockchain. We covered all stages of recruiting side by side: from the formation of candidate profiles to the technical interview and onboarding. Six months have already passed, and we are still in the same team, and we owe this to the expertise of the team in recruiting and HR.

    We increased the team x2: from 70 to 140 specialists in six months

    A deep understanding of business processes and company needs allows the Bisseti team to find just the right candidates. Thanks to the experience of working with this team, we were able to increase the team x2 from 70 to 140 members even during the war without losing efficiency, thanks to the help with onboarding

    Found a brand strategist in an IT startup in two weeks

    Thanks to Bisseti's work, our IT startup now has a brand strategist. The recruiting team's approach to finding candidates impressed us, because they not only quickly understood all the peculiarities of hiring in a startup and conducted hard skills testing, but also managed to close the vacancy "yesterday" in two weeks.

    Recruiting with Bisseti is…

    We close difficult positions "for yesterday", securing our own database of candidates
    We'll take a deep dive into who exactly you're looking for, finding an A-player for your business needs
    We will find and fix weak points in the processes of the HR department and recruiting in the company
    We will find "your" candidate with a match not only in terms of soft and hard skills, but also in terms of values

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