From the candidate’s point of view, the work of HR and the recruiter overlap, because you have to go through both before getting a job. We will tell you what happens behind the scenes, and also open the curtain on our processes.
From the candidate’s point of view, the work of HR and the recruiter overlap, as it is often necessary to go through both before getting a job. But we will tell you exactly what happens behind the scenes when you start looking for a job, and we will also open the curtain on what do the processes inside Bisseti look like.

Recruiters verify the potential candidate’s qualifications and HR hires them

The recruiter receives information about vacancies from HR, starts the process of hiring potential candidates, and conducting interviews. The recruitment team looks through the candidates, their potential and qualifications, and selects those who advance to the next round. Usually, recruiters conduct two stages of the interview before the final one — getting to know the future employer: those being a prescreen and a technical interview.

Opening the curtain on the processes at Bisseti: we not only look for specialists who are suitable regarding their hard and soft skills, but also delve into such issues as the alignment of the goals and values ​​of both the candidate and the company. In order to achieve this, we conduct briefings with the HR team, and also use a special system for selecting future candidates.

Recruiter and HR contact the candidate at different stages

Long story short: a recruiter’s interaction with an employee usually begins when they become a potential candidate and ends when they are hired.

The interaction of the HR department with the employee begins only after the company hires them. Although HR conducts the final interview stage with recruiters, the main interaction begins with the onboarding process and continues throughout the employee’s tenure with the company.

HR deals with the promotion of the candidate within the company

Usually, the recruiter’s job ends when the candidate is approved for the position, and this is where the main work of the HR department begins. But our little secret of success at Bisseti is to be in contact with the candidate and the HR department during the first months of work. In order to help with a comfortable onboarding and to make sure there is a complete match from both sides 🙂

After starting in the new company, the HR department takes care of the candidate’s development and training, team allocation, and introduction training. Thus, the employee’s career from the moment they join to the moment they leave the company depends solely on the HR department.

It is the recruiter who suggests candidates to the company

Recruiters can deal with multiple applications from candidates even before the hiring process has started. A recruiter sends only a few of the best resumes from their candidate base to a company looking for a new employee.

It is worth noting that there is an exception to this distribution of roles. As a rule, in small companies, HR also takes on recruiting responsibilities. So, if you want to work in FAANG companies, or with other industry leaders, it is the recruiter that will help you get your dream job.

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